Thursday, November 18, 2010

Over-Time ...

Yes, this week is an OT week.
On Sat there is the school carnival and effectively, for the 9am carnival to begin, we have to be there by 0730. Instead of parking within our primary compound, I have decided to pay $8 to park at the HDB carpark outside the secondary compountl.
I want to reach the carnival exactly @ 0730 and leave the very moment I can leave.
I love my kids and I love to teach them.
And I am sure they will love the carnival.
And so yes, I am willing to do it for them (alright, I do not have a choice).
BUT ... I do not want to devote every other additional minute to it ...
Having the carnival on Saturday means:
  1. I cannot buy breakfast home to eat with papa, mummy and boyboy.
  2. I cannot eat lunch with dear dear.
  3. I will be super tired by the end of the day and there goes the rest of my weekend.
And so, based on those points, I think no one can start saying why I am so eager to leave as soon as I can!

In school this week, lots of bad blood.

How the usual people can choose the usual targets and shout at them and then make their complaints heard and of course with the heads not clarifying as usual ...

How the head can make sarcastic remarks to middle managers about their JHs ...

I'm whinning? Not really, just feeling how my work environment is really bad. Papa never believes that there are bitches in my work environment and is always amazed by what I tell him.

Can you imagine that I also actually have to submit such a suggestion "Everyone should acknowledge SMS-es and Emails sent (upon informing relevant authorities about absence from school or necessary information) - even if it is a simple "Noted, with thanks" or simply "Noted". This is to prevent any misunderstanding from any parties."

Isn't it basic courtesy that all should acknowledge an email or a sms? Apparently not.

Whatever it is ... I love teaching ... I love my kiddos ... Today some of my P6 kids that I taught when they were in P3 and P4 came to me to write in their autograph books. I'm so going to miss them. The affection kids give is the best in a career and in no other career can one receive this ... They are the one who can make us go on ... Friends in school are the ones that can make us go on ... Kids and friends are the ones that can make the irritating people in school, are the ones that can make spys and backstabbers in school all vanish into thin air for that moment, before they appear again ...

Well, kids and friends :)

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