Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday - Day 22 & 23


Woke up and attempted to wear my new lense. Stinging feeling. Ultimately, was fine. Phew.

Sent dear to pool and visited Kimmy and Baby Isaac. Finally. Everytime I arrange to visit something will crop up either side. And so I told Kimmy that we'll do it last min style. Finally got to visit!

Had breakfast with papa. Slacked a bit. Had lunch with dear and bumped into Ter and Goh. Did my record breaking laps swimming :p I did 30 laps! But was super tired after that. Napped from day to night. Haha.

Had healthy fish soup dinner. Was still feeling tired. Didn't even complete writing my batch 2 of Xmas cards. Slept 11ish. Heh.

My favorite Big Apple Red. Opi 25.


Set the alarm at 0650 planning to go for breakfast but was too tired and decided to sleep in till 0720. Reach the pool at 8 and decided to just swim 10 laps.

Time to read mag and tan. Love it. Shall spend time clearing my rubbish again later. Rather, tidying my room. Haaaa

Simply Summer ...

Location:Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9,,Singapore

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