Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday - Day 27, 28 & 29

Time passes by on a rocket ...
Extremely fast ...
But well, that's life isn't it, which is why, we should make good use of time!

Thu: Had Sakura buffet with dear and his fellow coaches ...
With a full and happy BFT (Big Fat Tummy), I left earlier to school for track & field.
Training ended slightly earlier due to the unexpected (yes, unexpected despite the expected. the sun was SCORCHING).
Went home to rest before dear came to bedok and off to ECP for our 60 minutes walk (attempt to burn the fats) and 60 minutes shopping (parkway :p)

Fri: Busy busy day ... Swam @ YCK ... Walked to AMK for postal services ... Ate @ Chong Pang ... Napped @ Wellington Circle ... Haha ...

And ... Met my dear friends at Wisma ...
Attendance with no photos!
Cher, Chris, Irene, Marj & Shar.

Had coffee/food @ TCC ...
Medies: Cher's, Marj's & Mine.

Yummy Combo!

Festive Tea Set. Nice Scones!
And Shar's Santa Smiles (I think the name so)

Attended MY and WH's wedding ...
Haha, and opened some pressies from Cher after the dinner!
(Yes, I normally don't wait till Xmas :p)
Time flies, don't wait!

Presenting my new STRAWBerry 8520 ...
With the passing of my PINKBerry 8520, I got a new one!
Thanks to Chris :)

Sat: More tidying of room as usual!
Haha, I already washed the sheets at 8am ...
Shall tidy and mop!
Papa cleaned the windows for me! :p
Mummy cooked breakfast! Yumz!

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