Tuesday, December 7, 2010

i love my holidays!

Pinky Tangs! I like!

Christmas at Botanical Gardens.

Brought our camera stand along!
Managed to get shots with both of us instead of the usual single shots!
Extremely warm weather today!
But the walk / workout was good with the two walks!

The last time when I was at Bot Gdns, I didn't manage to see the swans.
Today, we did! they were not in the water but suntanning!

Final venue of the day was at Lower Pierce Reservoir.
And dear love Nat Geo channel on cable,
he thinks (or wants?) he is the host on a show!
Providing 'live' commentary throughout the whole walk!

Super tired at the end of the walk.
Two walks a day!

And, we end the day at Costus Trail.
Great Day!

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