Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Hong Kong Christmas

Good way to end the holiday on a good Christmas trip to HK with dear dear :)
With dear planning the whole trip, all I had to do was pack :) and off we went!

Day 1:
Shopping @ Citygate.
Lantau to see Big Buddha.
Dinner with Laura and Uncle.

Day 2:
Trip to Shen Zhen.
Huat ah!

Day 3:
Trip to Wong Da Sin Temple.
Shopping at Aberdeen and Stanley.

Day 4:
Slacky day as we walked from YMT to Jordan to Admiralty to Central ...

Day 5:
Visit to Ten Thousand Buddha Temple.
Shopping at Central.

Day 6:

Home Sweet Home!!!
HK is a yearly visit for many people.
Nothing special about the trip
it's who you go with that matters :)

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