Thursday, January 27, 2011

Everyday is a happy day!

Extremely long day in school today.
Ended @ 530pm after track.
Am glad I missed contact time.
Heard that P and VP aren't kind with words.
And I though psychology trained should know even better about positive reinforcement. Or was that simply Piaget? Or was it Vgotsky? Or whatever la.
I'm not angry with her.
I simply don't like my VP.
Dear friends, don't need to ask me to relax.
I'm not angry. I'm almost like the most relaxed person in school already.
And nuggets make me even happier! :p
I feel so happy being honest and declaring that I don't like her :)

Spent $100 on shampoo and hair tonic after dinner with dear.
These stuff better be good!

Came home to settle some admin stuff.
The Summer St sign was from States, from Daze. Lucky Box :D

And my swimming mp3 player was on DL. Haha. And supposedly a better one!

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