Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Great midweek!

Despite the tiredness in school, I had a great day!
Left school at 4plus to shop a bit at Parkway.
Bought dear his vday press. Hee :)
Then marj joined me for a bit of shopping.
Bought three new tops.
Will collect pants from Nanz on Fri.
Since I'm always a target for wearing the wrong stuff, I will just stick to big tops and pants.
Whatever, Aud Wong is nothing.
I don't care about what she says.
But poor RO of mine, arrowed to tell me about my attire.
Dear and I popped by ski park to look for aud, wc and jan ...
Had dinner at jumbo with dear. Yumz.
Lying on bed watching tv. Shiok.
Shall mark a few compos and spelling. Mid week :) Weekend's coming soon!
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