Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Sunday ...

Chilly morning.
Wanted to swim but dear said rest the knee about.
The knee has been painful for a week or so.
I love to sit cross legged, but recently, there is a pain whenever I unfold/straighten my leg :(
Seems like fluid in my left knee (swollen compared to right knee).
I'll go see a doc soon and not swim/walk so much for the time being.
Gear with my (again price hike from yck pool) coffee, chewy yummy donut (norin bought from taiwan) and lots of compo.
I shall have a good morning!
Some pics from yesterday's outing.
Had a look @ Shar's place then to brunch.
We needed 3 tables @ maxwell and we look so funny can, each 'guarding' a table.
And of course then all the mad shopping!
I was so tired that when I reached Mummy's shop, there was an empty bed, I zonked out immediately!
Too much shopping!
(Check out my first cool buy! Am going to get one for Black too. Heh)

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