Sunday, January 23, 2011

How do I teach and keep my sanity (and my good personal life)!

Was at the library last night.
Intended to find the book, Why Teachers Quit.
Couldn't find the book, instead, borrowed a few others.
And this one, How do I Teach and Keep my Sanity by Kathy Paterson, is a book I quite like.
Favourite part is not all about teaching in class but the part about Taking Care of Yourself.
Great start to the section.
She said that "Teachers are their own worst enemies when it comes to self-time and self-nurturing."
I totally agree. Even more true, she said that we cannot take the students home with us and we cannot solve all problems in classroom/school. We have limitations.
And I stick to my personal goal, I do my best. I work for my kids.
And she wrote a great poem.

I don't want to work today.
Please make those children go away!
I did not get much sleep last night.
Please get those kids out of my sight!
My lessons are not planned, I fear.
Please make the students disappear!

Oh! Here they come. They're here, I see.
Their shining eyes look up at me!
All full of smiles and bubbling noise.
Those darling girls, those precious boys!
Forgot those things I prayed before.
I want to teach forever more!

I'm sure some teachers remained in the service for a job, for the $$$
I'm also sure, some teachers perservered on in the service or the kids.
Thank to the latter, their love and passion were not damped by everything, by the managements, the packages, the 'supposedly-to-help-the-kids' matters, the long hours, the redundant and meaningless meetings.
We all do our best for the kids, that's all.

Every child is a bundle of potential and promises. Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld from M1.

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  1. I always heard teaching takes up a lot of personal time. Is it really that tough and stress?