Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday's over soon!

Mondays and Tuesdays are my busy days.
Good in the sense that they bring me back to reality from weekends.
Today was a fruitful day!
Finished lots of work with my classes, which also resulted in lots of work to be marked.
But well, my weekend begins on Wednesdays with much better timetable.
I was trying to count my hours in school to see if it's beyond the legal hours. Haven't finish counting. Will do so later.
Finally went to see Dr. Liew for my sore knee.
Wasn't that bad till I had to do the fluid removal.
She put me on some medication.
Hope all will be fine!
Have decided that from now on, I'm only going to work 8hours daily.
If I reach home and have already work 8hours in school, I'm not even going to bring work home.
The only exception is Fridays when I want to mark compo. And maybe 3hours each on weekends.
No way am I going sell my life to my career and forsake my family and friends.
Principals always praise HODs and apple polishers for working extra hours for working when they are sick.
How come they are not looking into why the extra hours need? (Inefficiency and ineffectiveness maybe?)
How come they are working when they are sick? (What happened to the big hoo ha about social responsibility?)
Schools has been becoming like a centre of packages. Every management personnel is trying to come up with this package and that package (to a large extent, on the pretext of helping pupils - more about glorifying personal desires), what happened to good old teaching?
I feel sorry when I've to rush for time and use that as a reason to tell my kids - We've no time.
I'm a teacher because I want to teach, not because I want to do projects.
Disclaimer: Solely Ms. Toh Xiaoxin's personal feelings based on true happenings.

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  1. well said ms toh.
    the only difference for ur p and my p is my p care abt social responsibility.

    and yes! both hands up for the inefficiency part and the pkg thingy!!!