Saturday, February 26, 2011

Emtech Morning

Had breakfast with papa because mummy left house at 9ish to go to the shop.
While I was emtech-ing, I decided to blog about it!
But first, my papa is the best la!!!!
Haha, I forgot to bring my coffee out and already, I plunge down to start my emtech session,
so I told him, "I know I'm a bit too much, can you please bring my coffee?"
Haha, and he did!
See, my papa is the best, and he did not scold me :p
Shall surf the net a bit, using a real computer - netbook, and not on my bb for the first 30 minutes of emtech.
Then 2nd 30min, I think i shall start my marking. 
Anyway, was bbming irene mom and I told her about mummy's emtech.
Decided to google it.

The 4 Methodologies
High Electric Potential
Magnetic Potential
Heat Potential
Infrared Potential

Am loving the emtech more and more.

Anyway, was chatting with papa, and he was telling me about how the guys in our house are simpler while the gals in our house are more adventurous.
And we talked about mummy opening her shop 30 years ago.
Papa is finally seeing why I am doing what I am doing and is agreeing with me!

I love my family!

Every child is a bundle of potential and promises.
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