Saturday, February 19, 2011

Massive Compulsive Shopping

Been doing lots of shopping for the past two months.
Scarily much.
Majority work wear.
Like what rooster snr said, long draught, taught from 2004 Jun, I've been a PE teacher ... Till 2011 Jan ... I've ZERO PE periods ...
SHOCK ... What to wear?!
Make-up everyday?!
From what I can rem:
2 pairs of sandals.
11 Mphosis tops (majority from sale)
3 pants from Nanz
3 pieces from Southhaven
4 pieces from Mango
3 pieces from Kooshi
And those are only what I remembered.
(Are you still conscious, dear? Or fainted?)
And so, by now, I've enough last me for the next 6mths :)

And above, my fav combi for now :)

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