Saturday, February 5, 2011

Peaky Peak ...

I'm gona be 30 this year!
Blogging this @ the peak of Msia as I'm reaching one peak of my life.
Dear's not well and sleeping beside me now.
Hope he feels better tomorrow.
This year's zodiac reading is definitely not one of the best for me.
But I'll work hard to make my life better :)
Afterall, I've picked up from the pits.
With all the documents settled end of Dec, that was definitely the best gift to end 2010 and begin 2011.
Life changes as age increases.
For the better of course.
I'm not hard up for luxury goods anymore.
I still like and appreciate my Chanels of course.
I can splurge anytime, BUT I do not need to.
I buy what I really like (not because I think I need another).
I save what I can, because I want to travel for a year.
I donate what I can and not avoid those metal cans.
I try to be kind whenever I can.
Of course, I'll also express my true emotions. (Otherwise I'm a hypocrite right?)
I love my kiddos in sch even more.
So what if I've irritating ones.
I do what I can for them.
I love my friends, in school, outside school.
I hate the politics in school.
I hate the management and stupid things we've to do.
(DISCLAIMER: I know I'm on payroll, but I've the right to hate. I still do what I've to well and better than many I still volunteer services for things totally outside my job scope)
I love my family even more.
They stood by me, even when I was @ my worst.
I love dd, for putting up with me :)
I miss ah mah. July 22 was a horrible day.
But I know she is in a safe place.
We went to the temple on the first day of cny.
I still tear when I see her picture (and even now).
But she'll always be in my heart.
And this year and onwards, I'll just make my life better, for myself and my loved ones.
Because I can determine how I want my life to be :)

(Super random post, but I like :))
Every child is a bundle of potential and promises. Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld from M1.

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