Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Accident ...

Yesterday, while I was driving towards dear's place @ Sembawang Road (opp Khatib Camp) (Ok, some of you would have read dear's blog already) when a taxi knocked my stationary car (traffic light) and my car moved on to knock a car that was starting to move.

I felt an impact on my neck/head and was in a state of shock. Now when I think of it, I sort of still tremble. I don't remember saying anything much. Too shocked. I only rem taking my phone to quickly call dear and he ran back to me after parking his car at the roadside. And the rest is all a blur. By the time I got home with no visible injury, it was almost 2am before I got to bed.

This morning, I woke up as usual @ 6am but my neck hurts. Gosh. Went to the doctor and was told it's whiplash. Given 3 days medical leave. Made my report at the police post. And I've been in bed the entire day. Have to monitor and hope all will be fine.

Thanks to all who bbm/whatsapp/sms/msn me. Thanks ...

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