Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Early Bday Wishes ,,,

Fell asleep watching CHANNEL 5.
The most OMG show of the year.
I haven't watch Channel 5 for a long time, not even the Noose.
But that show amazed me.
What amazed me most, my friends and auntie are crazy over it!
Pardon me, I cannot stand the dubbing!
Fell asleep, until dear came to pick me up.
He went for his run @ ECP in preparation for IronMan this Sunday.
I'm at Coffeebean waiting for him.
Doing some mindless surfing.
I miss that.
Been busy preparing and preparing.
Nice to sit here and surf and slack and not doing any work.
Nothing to do with centre.
Nothing to do with setting exam papers.
Nothing to do with track & field.
Just mindless stuff ...
I was mesmerised by the coffee machine @ CBTL.
Irene Mommy bot her Nespresso ...
But I like this ...
Other than my 30th Bday Must-Have ... I think I want this too :p

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