Sunday, April 24, 2011

Children Full of Life

Barely 2 minutes of watching this (sitting at the recept area of the centre), i'm almost crying. how many of us can tell the class at the beginning of the year that we only have one life and the most important thing is to be happy. everything here is psle, ca1, sa1, ca2, sa2, going for redundant workshops. tonnes of do-to-show-and-get-pb events, lots of b*tches. my love for kids is still here and always will be. but passion for the work is diminishing. maybe i am not as good as you or whoever (you are thinking have been in it for so long and is managing and hanging on). i try my best to do everything for the kids, yet everyday i've no time and i've to tell the girls, ok, sorry, we've to do it fast, exams are coming.

I barely have time to try to get to know what is happening in their lives, what they really want, and connect whatever i am teaching with their life. and no i'm not giving up, i'm just aiming for, doing what i still want to do for children, in a different environment.

they are still the motivation to get to work. and actually, the thoughts of not seeing them every morning makes me tear again  ...

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