Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Finally ...

I've been out on course for 4 full days - 9am to 5pm and worse still Thu and Fri's venue burnt my brain. Freaking warm. Totally not conducive with extremely irritating security guards. Luckily company was good.

And with the time wasting four days of workshop (as usual, unvoluntary nomination), I'm back to work for 8min, rush rush rush, and I'm out bringing the competitors out for competition. My dearest Irene Mom aka my Level Chief, sent an email to help us collate things. 8 points in totally. It didn't freak me out. It just made me realised how lucky I am, that I'm leaving my job end of the year or that dear dear is so supportive (emotionally and financially) of me leaving anytime. I'll miss my kiddos. Thinking about it makes me want to tear. I will miss my friends, but well, I can meet them outside.

On a good note, whatever Forbes survey or blah blah blah, I can be honest. No need to worry about writing the truth and getting penalised.

Anyway, today I'm going for yet another compulsory exhibition. And the most classic story. We all try to make ourselves seen at the exhibition hall so that people know we are there and we will not be penalised. BUT. I'm going with my lovely friends :) that, made a difference.

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