Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great day!

The day was originally good and made better :)
Our track team made very good improvement :)
Won a total 5 bronze and 1 silver and 2 divisions are standing at 6th position.
Maybe it shouldn't be good improvement but very good improvement.
When I was screaming my lungs out for my girl, I'm almost tearing too.
Every year @ the track finals, no matter how well we did (divisional champion and broken records) or how not as well we did (ONLY ONE trophy), I still believe and know our girls did their best and I still feel for them.
So many years with the team and my oldest girls in Poly and Colleges, I'm glad this last time I'm taking them, they are improving.
Hopefully they will do well always.
My 1845 class was cancelled and dear and I decided to go par tor! :)
Watched Rio. Nice movie :)
Did our shopping (again) @ Bodyshop.
Am lying on bed watching cable now.
My life is so good :)
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