Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Great Weekend ...

Dear and I had our long days yesterday :)
But it ended on a good note as usual :)
Such co-incidence when I bbm Norin to tell her we're @ SSC,
they were there too.
Initially, Dear did not want to have Jap food and we almost decided to have Chinese food ...
But, when the three of us sort of decided to have Ajisen, Dear didn't have a choice :p
Majority wins and yeah! Ramen!
Dear prayed before eating ... Hahahahha

I always love shopping at Daiso!

How dear will look like when he grows old with me :)

His new toy!

And today, our family gathering cum Auntie Hasnah's Bday lunch :)
Love family gatherings :)
Miss my Ah Mah :)

As usual, our BIG photo is too big to be displayed clearly )
Back to school tomorrow after numerous day @ workshops ...
because I MAKE IT GREAT :)

And yeah! I blogged like 5 entries today?! :p
Mr. and Mrs. Pang, hope you two enjoyed reading!

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