Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Labour Day ...

I enjoyed the morning changing sheets, mopping floor, sitting down in front of the com catching up on GE/WP/CST's news, sipping coffee ...
Have been a very tiring period since March 17 :)
All is worth it though :D
Still,  I appreciate a good day, a Public Holiday, from the last one to today's to the next two :)
And better still, with dear's blessing :p the Bali trip with Marjie and Jan (sobz, Shar, we'll miss you) in 36 days! ...

Along today's news catchup:

Meanwhile, Aljunied GRC candidate Pritam Singh targeted his message at civil servants and youth.

To civil servants afraid of voting for the opposition, he said, "Please think again. The PAP did not give you your job, the civil service will not crumble just because the PAP loses a few ministers."

Many colleagues, friends, people have their reservations and their own assumptions.
I have told off kindly but honestly a few.
We are adults who know what we want not because we should or we must :)