Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mummy's Day and Happy Papa's Birthday!

Wanted to dine out but mummy wanted to cook,
yes, even on Mummy's Day.
And so, we have our usual yummilicious dinner @ home :)
Followed by the yummy cake!
(I cannot help but recall wat papa said @ dinner about no dust for 5 years because no upgrading.)

Pre-celebrated papa's birthday too.
Might celebrate again on Friday.

And the conversation @ dinner and cake eating is of course, GE.

This article summed it all.
1. Glad and happy for WP's victory and representation.
2. Sad for Mr. CST. I cried reading about him, about his supporter's disappointment, about his leaving.
3. There is nothing much I can say about TPL. Many people said it all.
4. I know MP GY is a good MP. But then ...

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