Saturday, May 21, 2011

Parking along private houses ...

On Saturdays, when I come to the centre (and I drive - which is rarely because usually dear will drive me), I will always park at a nearby private estate (read: ang moh chu).
It is of course to save the parking fees at HDB carpark.
Today, Maurice (dear's student) text him to say someone left a note to say "Please park at the HDB carpark."
And so, of course ... I will not and I will continue parking outside the house (not obstructing of course)

1. There are no solid lines / double yellow lines / zig zag lines. I do not think it is illegal. Of course, to prove my point, I will email some authorities to confirm.
2. I did not obstruct their gates.
3. IF, the owners are to come to me and say "Do not park outside my house."  I will politely continue to park, until solid lines / double yellow lines / zig zag lines are drawn or until the owner (s) place a dustbin / rock / lots of flower pots along there.

As for now, time to email the authorities to confirm that I am not doing anything against the law.

This incident really cracked me up ... Haha ...


  1. sorry to say, but i think it's reasonable for the owner of the house to write that note. i am staying in private housing too and my family has 3 cars which means we need to park 1 of the cars outside the house. if people who are not from the neighbourhood park outside the house, we have to park somewhere far away. unless these people are visitors, we do not mind but hope that those who want to save parking fees can be more considerate towards the owners of the houses.

  2. Thanks :) then they can maybe be like other neighbours, leave a "marking" (pots, bin, rock). We have private properties too but we will not vandalise (using glue to glue the entire sheet of drawing paper on the windscreen) and I've file a police report for vandalism. And we will not make comments showing discrimination to people staying at HDB "Park your HDB carpark" :) we all have our views and I respect your comment sincerely.

  3. agree that it's not right for the owner to glue the paper on the car or discriminate ppl staying at HDB. so far what i saw my neighbours doing were just putting the paper at the wipers and stating the reason clearly why they do not want other cars to park outside their houses. this will be a reasonable way to settle the issue :)

  4. Precisely. I won't park with clear indication of not wanting to park :) a few houses have their bins down. I won't remove to park there :) have a good weekend! And thanks! :) for your reasonable and polite comment! I'm sure some people will be rude :)