Sunday, May 22, 2011

TGIF Thru' Weekend ...

It all started on Friday.
Was feeling frustrated and almost agitated over roosterpit and markshit when my ex-kiddos came back to visit (and help Daze).
Always nice to have kiddos around :)
Visited Chris and Ayden.
Visited Peina and Anton.
End of Friday.
Whole day @ centre.
Managed to have lunch with dear.
Celebrated Andre's Bday.
(See the A's. Many of my friends' sons are A. Seetoh's Aston. And the 3 above. Heh)
Catch up with Wendy and Grace.
Gossiped with Devilz.
Played with Darolyn.
And see how happy my good friend Cher is. See her photo I also happy. Haha.
Wore BL's spec. Am going to get one too! :p
Celebrated Jan's Bday.
See her photos and I've to tell her, "You crack me up!"
End of Saturday.
Whole day @ centre.
Lunch with dear.
Dinner cooked by mommy.
Slacked whole night.
I love my life.

Every Child is a Bundle of Potential and Promises.
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