Friday, June 10, 2011

Nick Vujicic's Attitude is Altitude

1. Attitude of Gratitude
When we feel entitled to the good in life, we feel robbed and outraged when something happens to make us uncomfortable. We then look to blame others and demand that they pay for our discomfort whatever it may be. Yet self pity parties are the most tedious, unproductive and unrewarding events you could ever attend... ... By choosing an attitude of gratitude over one of victimhood or bitterness or despair, you too can overcome whatever challenges you face.

2. Attitude of Action
Create positive momentum. The 1st steps are the hardest. Move ahead step by step. When tragedies strike us or those we love, the temptation is to go off somewhere and cry, hoping that eventually the heartbreak will ease one day. John 6:63: The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.

3. Attitude of Empathy
When you feel victimised or self-pitying, adjust your attitude to one of empathy. Reach out to someone else in need. Offer a hand. Use your grief or anger or hurt to help you better understand and ease the pain of someone else.

4. Attitude of Forgiveness
This may be the best and also the most difficult. (This is also my favourite and I promise myself to try my best to achieve.) One only hurt oneself to boil within the heart. Medical research has shown that harbouring anger and resentment for long periods causes physical and psychological stress that weakens your immune system and breaks down vital anger. Don't get hung up on thinking that by forgiving them you are doing them a favour, if nothing else, do it for yourself.

Don't worry about what forgiveness does for the antagonisers and hurtful people in your past. Enjoy what forgiving does for you. This attitude lighten your load so that you can chase dreams without being weigh down by baggage from past.

Power of forgiveness goes beyond healing yourself. Self-forgiveness is just as important. The key is to step back, admit you've fallen short, apologise, promise (yourself) to do better, forgive yourself and move forward.

The Bible tells us that we reap what we sow. If you are bitter, angry, self-pitying and unforgiving, what do you think those attitudes get you? What joy is there in a life like that? Reject negativity. Load up optimism. Charge up attitude of gratitude, action, empathy and forgiveness.

(In Nick's book, this is my favourite chapter. And my favourite will be on forgiveness. A lot of time, good friends (and usually, good friends hurt more :)) or casual friend, or whoever, may say or do hurtful things, unwittingly or unknowingly just to prove their points (whether right or wrong) or just have to tease or put me down (for their own enjoyment). They may not know. They may know. But who cares :) because I would think that my real friends don't mean it and that those who mean it, I'm sorry they have to behave like this.

Life has lots of happenings and is too short to waste on not forgiving and thinking about all those shitty things those people have done.

Life has lots of happenings and every one matter and everyone should increase my positivity. Life :) My life :) My good life :)

Back from Bali :) time to work hard. Time to work smart. Last 6 months in MOE. Many more months and years to good life ahead. Working hard to achieve my wholesome life :) )


Love my life.
Love my family.
Love my dear dear.
Love my crazy lovable friends.
Love ...

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