Monday, July 18, 2011

Another 154 days to go ...

1. Excluding today
2. Counted till end of November
3. Picture complimentary from my BlackBerry wallpaper - my favorite

Dear bbm me "I miss ku de ta."
For me, it's more of, I miss the lifestyle.
I want to wake up and enjoy my breakfast leisurely.
I want to wake up and go for walks.
I want to wake up and read my papers over coffee.
Nice and slow.
Heard of the story "Slow Dance"?
I want to go slow and enjoy my life, smell the flowers.

I want to enjoy the first 6 months of 2012 to enjoy life and breathe without rushing to be at work at 720. Rushing to make coffee so that I can drink while driving. Rushing to the hall so that spys and backstabbers won't have anything to bitch about. Rushing to room with 10000 things on hand because management says we should not go back to office to take them and should bring them all out to the hall.

Yes, I am totally unhappy with a lot of issues and situation BUT the children and friends (note, it's friends) make it all up. Then I should stay on for the sake of children and friends? NO, because no one is indispensable and I've my life to lead - the life I want. Who can determine what I SHOULD do? Yes, should? Of course no one. It's what I WANT :)

Cheerios to 154 days later!

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