Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Youth Day ...

Spent my last Youth Day holiday (extra big smile :D) visiting my youths :p
1. Went to the law firm to settle the house :)
2. Went to pass cutie some stuff and also to see Cayla SJE (she was sleeping, didn't manage to get many shots)
3. Went to fetch Cher and kiddos for lunch. My Ashlyn is soooooo cute. Andre too :) so smiley.
4. I love my RED nails. All time favourite OPI - Big Apple Red!
5. My fav photo after so many tries to get a rebonded look :p
(some photos are o/exposed - realised I click the SNOW mode. Haha. )
Good night :) Cheers to no more Youth Day holiday for me. Everyday is a holiday soon!
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