Saturday, August 20, 2011

TGIF ... Totally Goody Ideal Friday!

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PSLE Oral ended before 1230 yesterday.
Did my marking. Cleared.
Headed out to meet friends!

Had lunch with Ayden, Chris and Carol @ Parkway's Sakuraya.

Yummy as usual. 
My favourite!

Mid-day drink with Carol (We're very disciplined people - we shared!)

Handsome Ayden!

Crazy shopping @ Crabtree!

"Are you taking a picture of me and my stylo hair?"

Headed to KPO for happy hours with KS, TS and Keon.

Ended happy hours with Strawberry Marg! Yumz!

And last round of the day!
Monthly PEFX Dinner @ Aston Prime.
(Met Val Val and Milo there! :D)
Standard - So so ...

Last round part 2 - TCC desserts!

And now, I shall start my weekend right and work hard with a cup of yummy coffee in my new cup!
Happy Weekend!
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