Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Dresses!

Also, hope all friends around me have a good week ahead! 
Looking forward to the long weekend!
100 days to go!

Dear friends, as many of you know, my dream is to travel around the world in 2013/4. In order to earn more money (as well as fulfill my title as Lobang Queen) please support me!
Buy my clothes / iphonebackupbattery / 2nd hand items / miscellaneous! 
No frills. Free postage.
(Except bulky items specified)
Whatsapp/SMS: 9796 4130
Bbm: 269557E4

Dresses $16

 46 cm by 80cm.
Slightly stretchable.

Stretchable at waist.
77cm shortest. 100 cm longest. 38 cm wide.

45cm by 90 cm. Stretchable. Chiffon.

78 cm by 35 cm.

Skirts: $16
Rubberised waistband
Unstretched (flat across): 34cm
Stretched (flat across): 51cm
Length: 75cm

This new batch's favourite!
To match my newly painted nails and new watch!

Green / Beige skirts (With belt)
Unstretched (flat across): 30cm
Stretched (flat across): 48cm
Length: 44cm

Short skirts.
Unstretched (flat across): 32cm
Stretched (flat across): 48cm
Length: 44cm

Personal Favourite!

Tank tops: $12
Tank tops measurements:
Across: 16-17 inches
Down: 25-27 inches


Bottom: Printed tops with lace back

48cm (width) by 72cm (length)

iPhone Backup Battery: $11
1900 mah

Burberry Pre-loved. 
Footwear: $100 each pair. Free courier.

(Except for the above, Size 37)                  .         .         .         .          .

 All Size 38.

Free courier.

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