Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday ... Bliss ... Life ...

1. Repainted my shocking pink nails and shorten the thumb and index fingernails. Putting on contact lenses and typing away on my bb is even or rather back to original speed :p
2. Made some changes to schedule, my Sunday morning is finally free. Till 1 at least. Sent laogong and jr to pool and I'm now back @ Bedok! Yeah! BUT ... The gate was lock?! No one home?! Ya. Mummy and papa are out and so, Home Alone. Shall pack stuff to give / sell / dump. I seriously do not think I'm able to bring everything to Semb and therefore, my precious shoes collection shall remain here till Vibes @ East Coast is ready.
3. Drove home via CTE. Traffic was shiok. Almost the ONLY few times I like CTE.
4. Out of a sudden, was thinking about Ah Mah. I miss Ah Mah ... A lot a lot ...
5. Super woman me should be severely overworked. I'm so glad for the PH to come! And even more ecstatic that I'm like 113 days away to tender. Certain issues in school made me see how the management function and how they behave badly and because I have no mood to rewrite the story and change context, I shall not be bothered (it doesn't involve me but my beloved friends).
6. Supposed to meet xx today but didn't want to torture her - too early. Will arrange another day!
7. Shall slack on bed till 9 and get up to pack later!
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