Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Pre-Wedding Shoot :)

For those who have yet to see :)

I'm a simple fuss-free bride.
Wore my all-time favourite Chanel slippers for the shoot.
Planning to wear them (well, I've gotten new ones and new colours :p) for the actual day too.
Knowing my character, no one can stop me.
No such things as should wear or must wear heels :)
It's our wedding, isn't it?
My papa has always been the most supportive me of me doing 'what i want'.
This includes the stuff to do with the wedding.
Most of the time, papa and I will go "不用,不要麻煩"
Having part-time planned a few weddings, I know how much things there are to do.
BUT, there is no law to anything.
I always appreciate how papa says 'anything, up to you' and how mummy is eventually saying the same.

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