Saturday, September 24, 2011

Well Done, Xiaoxin :)

Dug out my old Taiga planner to used.
Surfed LV's website.
2012's agenda's refill is out.
USD 65.
SGD 80plus.
Quite cheap.
It's simply for a stack of paper.
Surfed again.
Look again.
Contemplated again.
I shall not spend SGD 80plus on papers.
Headed to Popular.
$9 - Weekly refills
$3.20 - Monthly refills
$2 - 'Today' ruler
$3.20 - Notes refills
$6.60 - Clear holder refills
$9.90 - Agenda hole perforator
Spent so much less and yet got so much more :)
Satisfied :D

Xiaoxin :)
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