Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Before bed ...

With age catching up gracefully, it takes effort before heading to bed ...
Friends who know me well enough, knows I hate fuss. Hate to makeup. Hate to do facial (even though mum owns a Peggy Beauty Centre). Hate to apply things. However, I've to admit, I need to make sure I age gracefully.
Things on face.
Things on hair.
Things on feet.
Things on hands.
Before I can sleep.
Well, I try very hard to keep to this routine.
Haha. Saving all the birdnest I bought from the last Eu Yang Seng 20% sale for November and December.
True that I'm not the kinda-starve-to-be-damn-skinny bride, but I try to be radiant :)
Shall dry my hair and go to bed.
Happy to have solve some html issues on my blog! :D
Midweek ...
Isn't that 6.5 weeks left :D
I can't stop smiling!
Yesterday I commented, or was it the day before, that I'm @ the peak of happiness.
The Peak of Happiness will never be reached, but the journey of happiness can be achieved everyday :)
I pray for my family and my friends who I know need help @ home or for themselves :) I pray for myself.
I know who reads my blog :) I'm praying for you too :)
Yes, less emo today.
Maybe because, less tired :)
Good night all ...
Xiaoxin :)
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