Monday, October 24, 2011

Dinner @ Nam Kee

As usual, we had our dinner around 9.
Yes, we really have no choice.
Of course, this is one out of two main reasons why I'm piling on excessive weight.
1. Late dinner.
2. Less/No exercise.
As I'm blogging this while laogong is sleeping beside me and News on TV is talking about happiness ...
I'm happy :)
Today's Happiness Index: 10/10
So what if I'm much bigger than the time I starve and diet :)
I'm happier.
I'm more accomplished.
Of course, I totally have all mornings next year to be healthier and exercise more :)
So, back to Retrolicious Nam Kee Chicken Rice.
Spot that coin-operated public phone!
Cute to the max!
Shall head to bed now :)
Shall wake up to a bright and good Tuesday :)

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