Sunday, October 30, 2011

Life Smiles Like A Sunshine

Life Smiles like a Sunshine

Written By: Trisha Roy 
A laugh as it adds curve to ur face…
dispels the gloom and a sunshine to be
a fresh morning dew
tip of the peak with enlightened light
shimmer and sparkle and light like paradise to be
driving the clouds away…
a smile that strengthens the soul….
a whisper so pure gladdens the hearts
an unseen courage yet felt so strong….
a life full of laughter cheering the folks around…
music in my ears
that still lingers in my heart
and the melody where my heart hears it
the ills of life depart…
surrounded by smiles…a happy feeling to be
a sunrise forever at the horizon of my smile forever i see
nothing but just a little curve…adding life to me
and singing the music..oh what a beautiful life oh thee
sugar sweet living with drops of honey
and sweeter then the life gets to me
embracing the beauty and the warmth of this life….
i welcome u oh sunshine
shining bright forever to me 

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