Saturday, October 22, 2011

Visit from Laura

Today is a good day.
I've been repeating myself.
No more lessons at 9am on Saturday.
Happy Index today is 10/10.
Laura came over and we had an hour till my next lesson.
I think she enjoyed herself listening to my student and I bickering.
When I was done for the day, we headed to AMK Hub for Pepper Dinner (Lunch I mean).
We were there about 1945 and ordered our first order.
Yes, first.
By about 2015, Laogong said that he was reaching, I went to order for him as well as Laura's and mine - SECOND ORDER!
Burrrrp ...
Yummilicious :)
Decided to work it out by shopping at little @ NTUC and perform my duty as lobangqueen.
Saw this Famous Amos 42 packets deal @ $19.95 ...
Good for teachers because for a class of 40, we still get 2 extra!

Was thinking about what Princess blogged these two days.
We do try to make an effort.
I'm sure everyone does.
Only how much :)
Friends come and go ...
Some stay quietly.
 I remember how I 'fell out' with a friend for because of such issues.
I can always try and try and try and try ...
However, if nothing is done from the other side,
maybe I get tired too.

My lifestyle is very much changed.
Friends who know me will know I'm a very social person.
In the sense that I always meet this friend, that friend, those friends, these friends, etc ...
Nowadays, I'm super busy and my schedule is super packed.
I really try my best to meet friends at least once a month.
Which is why my Fridays start from meeting A @ 1400, B @ 1700 and C @ 2000.
Well, last time, it used to be like this every other day :)

Thank you to all friends who are always there.
Thank you to all friends to take the effort to plan instead of me planning.
Thank you to all friends for your understanding.
Thank you to Bern and Laura who came down this weekend.
I know for you all, AMK is super far :)
Thank you!


  1. Love the scrapbook page! Send mi the link to do it pretty please?? :p
    Had a great time too! Thanks for the wonderful kopi! The sweet note and nice chat.

  2. and thanks babe for the sms on sat! it gave me encouragement :)