Saturday, October 15, 2011

What have I done?!

Our Birkis are here!
Love my super pink Birkis!
Pink stripes.
Pink base.
Hearts :)

I did the silliest thing.
I really had no inkling what caused me to do it.
Why did I order Size 39?!
Fio asked me in the car, "Why are these so big?"
I looked at my white ones and then my pink ones.
I ordered the wrong size?!
Luckily, they are not 40.
So, still not too bad!
Chanel trained me well :p
I've a pair of Size 41 
(insisted on buying it because that was the last pair - JY will know how difficult it is to secure a pair and understands  why I did that the last time - not something that I can definitely get even if I have money)

Anyway, I still love my Birkis - at least it is 10 times cheaper than my Chanels!

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