Monday, November 14, 2011

For JO5 and BU5 ...

Dear girls,

I hope you've been enjoying my blog. It's interesting to know how well you girls can read my blog but keep it from me. It makes things easier that I do not have to tell you in class, "I am leaving. Thank you for the year of fun, laughter, peace and joy."

At least, I know that I will not have to fear about crying in class.

Thank you for the fun and happy moments in class. Well, for those angry moments, you do know the power of my voice!

Thank you to my monitors, you've been of great help. (Ok, I'm typing this while I'm having my dinner at a coffeeshop in Thomson and suddenly, I feel like crying) Thank you to all the jokers, especially Jermaine. I'll miss your Lulu and Leticia acts. All of you've given me extremely wonderful memories.

I'm really excited about my new life but at the same time, I know I will miss the fun times with you all of you. Thank you again.

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