Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A new beginning ...

Lying in bed, surfing channels and thinking about life ...
First day of the holiday that I can do this.
I'm 30 and starting a new life.
It's a choice (plus courage maybe) to leave and start anew.
Decided to write this entry because this guy from the art scene is talking about how he left Singapore to do something else somewhere.
Something he said left me thinking, "离开是为了再回来".
My leaving is not about leaving totally and yes, one day, I might go back as a relief or adjunct or I might not.
Still, my choice is made and I'll not regret :)
Having been upset for so many times because of the P, VP, HODs, SH, AM, colleagues, accountant, etc ...
Wasted a huge portion of my life at work feeling upset because of these insignificant people.
I cannot do that anymore.
Life is too short to be upset and angry.
Besides, I've too much happiness and bliss to enjoy.
Life ... Wait for me ... I'm coming to you now ... My real life ...

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