Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bangkok Day 1 of 7 ...

Laogong was really happy to "return" to HIS Amazing Thailand (which Jan is fighting for ownership of Plat and Shan for JJ).
Check our his gleeful look.
Decided to take the train to our hotel.
And because we didn't really do our homework on how to walk from the train station, we took like 1 hour to find our hotel.
We ate tonnes by the roadside :p and drank our favourite GIGANTIC cultured milk (see what we meant by BIG. It's really BIG)
We checked in early and got our room.
Laogong started shopping!
His tummy was still not totally well and had to buy med (also happy?!)
We downloaded the Thai app on iphone and decided to make it easier to carry - we dress up iphone immediately! Haha. Laogong was ok to carry the cutesy design I dress up the phone :p
Dinner was Mac. Yes. Mac. PORKY burger!!!
After walking for 10hours, we had our massage and headed "home" ...
Day 2 of 7 tomorrow!

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