Friday, December 30, 2011

Bangkok Day 2 of 7

Had breky and headed down to Chinatown to find our favourite auntie supplier.
Extremely crowded.
Too crowded for comfort that we left once we settled our deal.
Headed to Paragon (MY favourite) on a tuk tuk.
Bad congestion.
45 minutes on it and as usual.
When still, I dozed off.
Some labels were having sale, Balenciaga had the most.
Still nothing caught my eyes (phew).
Anyway, labels / brands are more expensive in BKK.
A pair of slippers is about $30 more ...
Walked back to Pantip for our ever favourite A&W.
Walked back to favourite massage place.
Headed back to hotel.
Laogong is on the computer now.
Yet another day in Bangkok :D
New Year's Eve tomorrow.
Jan's big day too.
Congratulations, Mr. And Mrs. Shannon Toh.
Best wishes from Mr. And Mrs. Jerry Toh.
See you in BkK soon!

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