Wednesday, January 25, 2012


From the reunion lunch with extended Toh  Family on Jan 15 to the friendship reunion dinner with Flub on Jan 21, then the Toh  immediate family reunion on Jan 21 (yes, two in a day :p) followed by the Toh  immediate family reunion on Jan 22 ...
It was finally Day One of CNY ...

Laogong sort of  had a culture shock, I mean who won't when there are 85 members in a family.
Not all managed to meet up, but well, a substantial number of us did :)
I miss visiting ah mah of course ...
Visited her at the shrine on CNY Eve and as expected, 
no matter how much mental preparation I had,
I could not get pass myself and started crying again.

Visited Laogong's side later in the day on Day One, morning of Day Two and the visiting went on ...

Day Two morning, visited ah gong with in-laws.
Had lunch at OCC thanks to ah yi ...

Went to visit Auntie Carol and family and came back to Semb after that.
More visitors at home.

Summary of CNY 2012:
1. I miss ah mah.
2. I love the visiting, still.
3. Everyone is telling me about having a Water Dragon baby. 
Trust me, I want it as badly as you all want me to have it. 
However, I'm past the stage where I get stressed up and stuff. God has his plans
Hopefully with everyone's blessings and repeated questioning, I will have a HEALTHY baby very soon. 
We are definitely not Andy Lau and Zhu Li Qian, trust us, with bloggers like us, we will really announce it - Maybe do a TV Ad or POP magazine ad to announce. 
(Was irritated when I saw on a friend's FB about giving birth on CNY Eve and this complete irritant posted a comment - "gratz my fren! Sadly its not a dragon baby:(") Lucky fella, I would have deleted and de-friend such a fiend.

Back to the pool and the centre tomorrow :)
Can't wait to see my kids.

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  1. What an idiot to say that!!
    Just take things easy.. :)