Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bangkok Day 3 of 7

Haha. Laogong said I took a nerdy picture of him so I allowed him to take one of mine too.
That made him happy.
It's not midnight @ Bangkok yet.
We've a couple of minutes more.
We went to JJ Mkt to find Kung today.
The sun was terrible.
Please. Bangkok is totally not cold or chilly.
So darn hot.
I haven't had bikini tan lines for a while.
Got them today.
Didn't feel well after 2pm.
Well, I survived.
Laogong loved his buys as usual today.
I redecorated my iphone.
Sorry Norin. Your bumper was changed off today.
Will change back when I change iphone's look again.
Tomorrow Mr. And Mrs. Shannon Toh will be joining us!
Anyway, Happy New Year 2012 from Bangkok!

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