Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bangkok Day 6 of 7

As people are starting their first work day or kids starting their first school day of 2012, Laogong and I walked down the quiet road to have our breakfast.
We love this fishball noodles @ Chinatown but chanced upon this one @ Pratunam.
Gosh, even better!
Laogong even had additional bowls!
The place is also much cleaner than other places!
My throat is kind of sore and had to get medicine from the pharmacy.
After shopping for so many days, today was a super slow day.
Didn't shop that much.
Chilled @ Black Canyon <3
Chilled @ Food Court.
Chilld @ McCafe.
JR joined us for a tiny bit.
Heading for usual massage @ usual joint by usual massage fellows.
Life ...
It will definitely get better.
Anyway, I hope my JO5 and BU5 are managing well in school!
More to come in the months ahead!
Work very hard please!
I'll be back on Friday to do up the Track noticeboard.
See you all! :)

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