Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Wonder & Merry Monday

After a terrible (way to end the ) night (weekend), 
I had a good sleep and woke up fresh to a good new Monday!

After a long day (without lunch break) of lessons on Saturday, I can't wait to have dinner!
Met Laura @ Novena for dinner.
So nice of her to prepare all the food for me and to take all the food for me.

Laogong came over to meet us (while we were shopping in Cold Storage) after his even longer day.

On Sunday, after all our lessons, we headed to ichiban sushi for dinner.

I love sashimi!

Today, to start off our week right, the mini MOE (Ministry of Educators) headed to TWG for lunch.
Being such popular educators, look at what the two are doing while I waited for them to order!

Hopefully Laura enjoyed her first TWG experience!
(Though I think the TWF treatment at AMK is better :p)

US! In the teapot!

Our yummy lamb, chicken, risotto and pear!

In the car, on the way to Bugis to collect some CNY stuff.

Headed back to North for one lesson before Laogong and I headed to Chinatown, 
which was extremely hot!

Had an extremely eventful day.

Everyday is a bright, new and good day.
I think I don't have to be so guilty over my happiness.
I do my best as a person and I am not going to allow anyone to judge me!

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  1. Wahahaha.. I enjoyed my first experience at TWG of cos!! :) Good company! What more can I ask for? ehhehee..
    TWF coffee and cookies are equally great.. :)
    See you next Sat there for more coffee and cookies! :P