Friday, February 24, 2012


Yeah. I still love Friday and of course TGIF. Woke up at 8plus today as I had a class at 0930. Didn't accompany Laogong to Shang for class. Had class. Collected mummy's stuff. Met Baobei for lunch at SQUE @ The Central.

After heavy lunch, went back to centre for lessons. All the way from 1430 to 1915. Went to AMK HUB to meet PEFX Club (missing Pn) for dinner at iChiban.

Heavy yummy dinner! Headed home early. Fed my cats before I went up. Meow. I miss my fatty and 小白. Got home and Laogong gave me these. Cute! Ex-student bought it for me. Hee.

Tomorrow is a short day and I'm meeting Marj, Shar, Daze and Jan! Hee.

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