Wednesday, February 1, 2012

24 Bags

One of my favourite from Zhang Xiao Xian.
She talked about how every lady wants an "it bag" yet one round out on the street and so many people are carrying the same one!
During one of my Bedtime Whatsapp Session with JY,
we talk about how expensive Chanel bags are yet everyone is carrying them (of course, JY has many of them too).
Those bags are so darn expensive yet people carry them like Charles & Keith.
It became a bag without character.
Yes, I'm still carrying them because I've already bought them last time.
Yes, the recent one? It's a reject from my mum after I spent thousands buying it for her?!
Yes, I've "promised" on Facebook (most enthusiastic witnesses - Laogong, Laura, Guohui & William) that I won't buy any bags costing $100 or more.
Yes, I definitely won't!
Note - BAGS.
I've never love bags because I love slippers!
So many years collecting slippers, other than JY who has a couple similar Chanels and Dior, at least I know they are not as common!
So dear friends, I'm still collecting my slippers :) and of course, for those who know, my new love too :)
Had too many people asking me, "I thought no more Chanels?"
This entry answers all questions :p
Chanel slippers :D

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