Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Morning @ Bedok

Woke up to a rainy morning.
So cold!
Snoozed till 7.20am...
Fed the kitties.
They must be cold and famish!
Drove Laogong and JR to the pool and I made my way back to Bedok (without buying breky).
Mummy is going to cook!
While mummy was cooking and I thought of how not that fantastic USS was,
I went to dig up photos decade(s) ago.
Photos we took in Aussie :)

Breky's ready! XO carrot cake!

Before going to the market, haha, I asked mummy to let me take a picture of her new pants!
So flora so cute!
Coming back on Sunday is always blissful :)
Good break before I start my Sunday classes with my kids and before my off-day tomorrow!

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