Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dinner @ Not-nice-anymore Gim Tim

Headed down to GT to celebrate MIL's birthday. Always had good experience at GT. Enjoyed the dinner when we celebrated JR's birthday too.

Was expecting yummy food but sadly this visit sort of made us decide that we're not going back. The wait was terrible. The service by non-Singaporeans not up to standard. (Disclaimer: Don't bother commenting about my view if GT is your favourite restaurant. Go ahead and enjoy yourself. It's a fact that the people who served us were non-Singaporeans and They happened to have terrible service. Don't bother commenting that I'm bias because I stated facts and well yes, I've a right to be bias or right to state facts :))

Waited very long for the dishes and we cancelled two of them. Time to source for a new place to eat.

Happy Birthday to my MIL!!!

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