Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sparkling Saturday

Got a call from JR saying that a call was made back home to recall for Laogong. I bbm-ed Laogong but I guess calls and SMS and emails should be sent to him already. At 2 plus, Laogong said he might be done at 5plus. Cancelled manicure and pedicure in case Laogong is back early. Pleasantly so. He was back at 4plus :)

Since Laogong cancelled his 2 to 9 pm lessons and postponed them to March. Was delighted about the rare chance to go for a weekend date :) Like I twitted earlier in the day, people chong clubs on weekends but we chong tuition classes.

Wanted to go all the way to Bugis for steamboat but along the way, opposite Novena, we spotted a steamboat place. Signalled right and made a u-turn. Not bad. Less crowded.

Since it was barely 7 pm, we decided to catch a show!

The inspirational Tao Kae Noi :) Nice show. Enjoyed the two hour long show. Great weekend :) Love it.

Shall end the night with my good read and Yakult!

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