Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 2 & 3 With Moomoo ... And more ...

After a good swim, Laogong and I headed to Yishun 925 for the ever yummy kway chap.
All these and 3 bowls of kway for only $10.
Stopped eating at Bugis and Parkway Food Court's Yukee because it is so expensive and smelly (environment).
Yes, I know, I love cafe and restaurants but I don't mind the hawker and coffeeshops before 12noon (when the mad lunch crowd comes in)!
So when I eat hawker and coffeeshop food, I expect those kind of prices too.
Not cafe/restaurants prices.
Anyway, whatever :)

Laogong enjoying Day 2 (yesterday) and 3 with Moomoo.
Moomoo is a lucky bunny!
Laogong carried her and asked me to turn on the fan.
Moomoo loves the fan apparently!

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